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Busy Busy Busy....

Pardon my absence as of late. I wanted to update on my presentation status. Like most most university students, assisgnments and tests are coming full force. I got sick this past Monday and had been out for nearly a week. Apparently, I got the flu and it was thanks to the bitterly cold and windy Monday evening.

Over all the presentation was a great experience. I got to say my part albeit, it didn't catch my audience's interest as much. I learned a lot from watching how my fellow graduate students and Professor handled themselves when answering questions and from the discussion that took place.

Oh yeah, the floor below ground level at the Munk Centre was short in height. Awkwardly, it made me feel like a hobbit. I think my head could have touched the ceiling... and you know how short I am.

One more update. I went to a Marlies game last Sunday with Calvin and Mike Sampson. I had a great time at the game and enjoyed listening to their stories at Sam.

According to Mike, Cebele is moving into a condo with her boyfriend. I can't really comprehend the feeling especially when I'm about to graduate. It is always amazing to hear how far a person has gone. I'm sure there are plenty of other ACI coherts who are moving on to successful lives.

I can only dream and worry about the future.

Hehe, time to get back to studying. Good luck! I'll see you at the finish line.

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This is a test. I'm trying to see if I can type on my iPod touch.

I forgot to mention that I got an iPod touch. My uncle gave it to me in exchange for doing two simple task. I enjoy using it because I have an electronic dictionary, calendar and music player all in one. I wish I got a larger capacity one, but obviously this one is more than capable. I don't use it for watching videos or to store pictures.

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This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.
I think I'll learn Mandarin as a required Humanities course. I should have taken it during the summer. Instead of attempting to take Human Biology and Evolution.

Jun. 1st, 2005

I'm going to excuse myself from livejournal for a while. Enjoy the summer. I hear it's going to be very warm and dry. Watch out for the word of drought in the news.

May. 16th, 2005

So today was the first day at Sick Kids. Mind you, it wasn't the most exciting day of my life however I was pleased to help. Sure it's just filing and chucking out a whole stack of paper yet I must say it is a start. I haven't done the volunteer orientation yet so I can't be near any patients as of yet. I'm worried about school. It starts tomorrow. How come I can't seem to summon up

*Side note* the new X-box and Playstation 3 aren't as exciting as I thought they were. I hate the design of their controllers. I dislike the way x-box looks and well PS3 looks okay. I suppose I was looking for some warped up designs. Something clean and and yet elegant. I don't really see it in these systems. In the end these new consoles will have more power than any personal computer being shipped out today.

Spell C and end with N

This came in late, but it's okay.
There is a man who has a special name.
It starts will a c and ends with a n.
Some would call him a dangerous chemicole
while others will call him blue's favourite friend.

Take him to your heart and listen to his words.
Don't forget the smiles and the ipod in his hand
or the love he has for Atomic or Coors.

Happy birthday C you're old enough to make alcohol your friend.
Congradulations to your accomplishments Curler.
Sweep away the problems and get as much REM sleep during skule.

Keep checking gmail for the songs I've sent
and feel free to inquire about anything from us lj friends.
Live to dream and act with passion.

Happy birthday C and have a wonderful one and nine year.

Hehe...I'm working on a banner...maybe I need to finish it later. Sorry...

*edit* omg, I'm terribly sorry. I was out for two full days. Blah, now I have to sleep early. I'm starting the Sick Kids thing tomorrow. Hehe, I have to wake up early enough to beat the rush hours. Yeah me... Good night.
One more step guys. One more. I have something to look forward to other than school. I just need to get through one orientation before I can get into this research position.
An update. There's a problem with cleaning the house. You can't seem to throw out anything. You just realize that all you're doing is reorganizing the junk. You're just piling things higher so it seems cleaner. In the end you end up creating a mess just to find the things you need. You spend twice the effort to find the item. I'm still learning how to clean effiently. I'm deciding to find a method of organizing the notes and books. Argh...I don't want to clean up anymore. There's no point.
I think caught a cold. It's more like my family gave it to me. I'm going to do some hovering tomorrow. I'll bring my bio to read. There's over 20 chapters so I have to get cracking. School hasn't started, but I shouldn't let that discourage me to begin my academic quest. Maybe this summer is going to suck or it's going to be great. I don't expect too much anymore. It's been the same redundant emotions every year.